Healthy Beginnings: Fit From Their First Bites

OneTwoThrive Kids aims to empower anyone responsible for feeding a child with the knowledge to give that child the best possible start on the journey to a lifelong love of nutritious food.


In our 45-minute video consultation, we discuss your specific needs and find out more about how OneTwoThrive Kids can help get your whole family on the path to loving real food. We get children as young as 4 months old on that path "from their very first bites".

Topics include:

  • Forming healthy habits NOW
  • Developing a "real food" palate
  • Healthy emotional relationships with food
  • Detailed class information and customization for your family


In our in-home Kitchen Basics session, OneTwoThriveKIDS will come to you and assist in organizing your kitchen for optimal health.

Topics include:

  • Organizing your refrigerator and pantry to keep real food fresh
  • Necessary cooking and storage tools
  • Assessment of staple foods/recommendations for better options
  • Storing foods efficiently so you always know what's on hand
  • Limiting food waste
  • Preserving spices



In our Grocery Store Adventure, OneTwoThriveKIDS will meet you at your favorite place to shop for groceries and help you navigate the outer and inner aisles to best meet your families nutritional needs!

Topics include:

  • Navigating the aisles for efficiency
  • Reading and comparing nutrition labels
  • Talking to your Produce Manager, Butcher, Fishmonger
  • Eating by season
  • Shopping with kids
  • Shopping on a budget


When you book our Kitchen Basics and Grocery Store Adventure sessions together, you'll save $50 on three full hours of mind-blowing information on getting your family healthy!


In our 4-hour in-home class, OneTwoThriveKIDS joins you in your kitchen for a truly hands-on experience which will leave you feeling empowered to prepare the very best nutrient-dense food for your family, beginning with the youngest member of your household. You will learn everything about getting your baby on the right path toward a lifelong love of healthy and nutritious food, and even have a plan in place to ensure a great start! By the end of class, your food-ready baby will have an entire MONTH'S worth of food, ready to go in the freezer.

Topics include:

  • Food readiness
  • First foods
  • Tools and methods for prepping, cooking, cooling, storing, and serving
  • Timing of foods, the "Flavor Window", allergenic foods, and spices
  • Food safety
  • Best cooking methods
  • Reducing food waste
  • Food introduction
  • Time-saving strategies: meal prep for baby and family
  • MORE!



If you like all of the services OneTwoThriveKIDS has to offer, then we offer you, "The Total Package", which includes our video consultation, Kitchen Basics, Grocery Store Adventure, In-Home Class, and a full month of continued support! This package is ideal for families who want to ensure that their babies get the very best start toward a healthy life with a complete program that covers your little one from "the bottle to the table". We provide the same services for toddlers who may need to get on- or back on- track!