Just a few of my certifications

Just a few of my certifications


I'm a 20+ year veteran of the health and fitness industry and a certified health coach with a varied background involving personal training and consulting with health and fitness facilities across the United States & Canada, Australia & New Zealand & my native UK.

I offer 1-on-1 and ONLINE coaching to help you with both your physical activity and nutrition needs, reach out for a personal consultation to discuss options to suit you best.



I'm on a mission to help you feel better, look younger and live longer.

Whatever your health related dreams are, whether to reduce the pain and discomfort of illness, bring back the zeal of your youth, or even to reach your hundredth birthday, your likelihood of success increases exponentially when you get professional help.

Finally, you can discover the healthier lifestyle you need in order to feel, look and live the way you want to. With the prevalence of processed foods and increased demands on our time it comes as no surprise that you've fallen into the backseat. To perform at your best and accomplish everything on your plate, we have to turn this approach on it's head and finally put you at the top spot, as the first person you take care of you'll be better able to cater to all those other needs in your life, from kids to work and everything in between. 


There is overwhelming evidence that we are now more sedentary than at any point in human history, couple this with so much confusing nutrition information and you have a perfect storm of mounting proportions.

Our health is in rapid decline: Obesity, Cancers, Heart Disease, Stroke & Diabetes are just some of the health conditions that are escalating at an alarming rate and the harsh reality is, we can avoid most health issues by making simple lifestyle changes.