14 Day Kick Start Challenge

What Christine says at the end is absolutely brilliant!

We All Want To:

  • Look and feel our best

  • Have more energy

  • Feel comfortable in our clothes

  • Be confident with our body image

Our clients find the OneTwoThrive approach makes 'getting in shape' less daunting and totally achievable.


Social Media Blasts Us With:

  • What we should be doing

  • What we shouldn't be doing

  • How we should feel about ourselves

  • A barrage of negative health statistics

OneTwoThrive provides the knowledge, systems, support and accountability to navigate around the lies, myths and challenges to maximize your success.

Lily, down 85lbs in 12 months.

Glenn, down 60lbs in 6 months

Glenn, down 60lbs in 6 months


The OneTwoThrive Approach

No more silly diets & workout fads. No more new years resolutions or awkward conversations with your doctor. OneTwoThrive prides itself on being a true partner in your goals, and works alongside you (and your medical team if needs be) to help you create a lifestyle of wellness that meets your health and fitness needs, while allowing you to feel like a normal person

  • How Does This Work?

    • Delivered via the OneTwoThrive App and our strategic on-boarding process we begin tailoring results driven programming specific to you.

  • What Do You Mean By 'Programming'?

    • This could be exercise plans, habit tracking, body metrics, process pics, nutrition, lifestyle and goal planning. Whatever we can do to help.

  • Do I Need A Gym Membership?

    • We create exercise plans for in home, business travel or anywhere you find yourself on a regular basis. If you happen to enjoy the gym, we program for that too.

  • If There's No Diet, How Do I Know What To Eat?

    • Eat normally, we help you small and incremental changes that will move you towards your goals, avoid cravings

  • What If I Have Questions?

    • Call. Or email, or in app message, basically, we're here for you. Additionally, we like to have a short video chat every two weeks to focus in on how things are going and ensure we are on the right path together.