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Parent Coaching: What We Do

We believe that the food habits you form with kids now, starting with their very first bites, have the power to impact them positively for the rest of their lives. HOW we feed our children, with attention (not too much) and respect (as much as we can give), affects how well they eat, how confident they feel away from the table, and our bond with them even after they've left home. This can mean preventing your child from becoming another statistic about childhood obesity, keeping them as far away from type II diabetes and heart disease as possible, and can also lead to more positive outcomes in social relationships and school (which can continue to mean greater outcomes in LIFE).

The foods you choose to introduce to a child early, around 6 months (depending on your child's development), play a role in fostering adventurous eating and possibly preventing food allergies. The way we feed those foods can define our parenting style as a whole. That coin has two sides, though, because whatever we choose to feed our kids will have some effect, so if we choose certain types of food, generally the easiest and most convenient options, we can inadvertently set our kids up for failure. If we feed without respect for our child's ability to eat, we may find ourselves having more "food fights" with our older children than opportunities to get to know them. You guide this process with your children by offering a healthy variety of foods and respecting their ability and drive to eat, and we're here to help guide YOU so you know how to help your child develop a preference for "real" food while empowering them (and you) at the dining table. Our goal is to help you develop the skills to do this as easily as possible.

Parenting is hard. 

You can do it (yes, you).

We can help.

We've helped families learn to make, plan for, and LOVE healthy meals, as well as understand the feeding relationship that can provide the foundation for their parenting, and have found that oftentimes implementing changes for the health of an infant or toddler benefits the health of the entire family. If you'd like to get your child and family started on the path to a life lived with a healthy relationship with food and each other, then our family would love to meet yours.



"We are on a mission to change the world, one happy family at a time. It's a lofty goal, but it's as easy as...

One: Making a commitment and a plan.

Two: Consistently acting on the steps of that plan.

Thrive: Live your best life and help your family do the same!"


Coaching Programs

From the Bottle to the Table

This program is designed for new eaters who are developmentally ready to begin feeding on more than milks, and supports your journey to age 1, when your child should be at the dining table and eating the same foods as you (for at least one meal each day). We begin working as close to the beginning of your feeding adventure as we can, and provide you with:

  • 20 Great Options: a recipe and video series of some of the very best options to offer your child as first foods. You will learn how to safely select, prep, cook, store and feed each option, plus, how to make these great options for yourself. We include grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, animal and plant sources of proteins, and all potential food allergens. We discuss how to offer foods in ways that are developmentally appropriate for your child, including purees and soft whole foods.

  • Weekly video coaching sessions to support you in planning and preparing for the week ahead, addressing challenges from the week before, strategies for how to safely and systematically introduce your child to new foods (including allergens) and guide you through navigating your responses to your child's reactions to eating.

  • Access to our private coaching group, where you'll join weekly video calls with us and other moms (who are also feeding a child your age) to discuss what parts of feeding are going well, those in which we need more support, and what we’re cooking up this week!

  • Unlimited email support to answer pressing questions.

Caregiver Coaching 

OneTwoThrive KIDS also offers individual and group coaching for child caregivers! We realize that caregivers are often responsible for preparing and serving a large portion, if not all, of the meals a child will eat on days when their parents are unavailable. Our Caregiver Coaching options can help your child's caregiver develop the skills they need to become good feeders of a wide variety of healthy food, even when they're on the go. We also offer coaching for household placement agencies who want to give their child caregiver placements an opportunity to be the very best they can be. 



Kim L ~ Business Owner & Mom To Food Loving Twins

"Our kids hit their milestones at a great rate and they're growing like crazy"

The ‘first 1000 days’ (conception to age 2 years) are generally recognized to be of particular importance for the healthy development of children.
— Laursen, Bahl, Michaelsen, & Licht - March 2017 Issue of Frontiers in Microbiology

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