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Check Out These Client Experiences:

 Refused to accept family health history now leaner & stronger with great cardio health

I have been working with Mark Pawson and One, Two Thrive since the beginning of August.  Together we sat down and reviewed my family health history, the personal goals I wanted to achieve and my overall life schedule.  What I found so valuable in that meeting was that Mark wasn’t selling his program, he was taking the time to understand my personal health in an effort to establish a plan that best suited my needs.  As we progressed, we exchanged a lot of dialogue about how I was feeling in comparison to the measurable results.  I think that is what sets Mark and his company apart from a lot of fitness programs.  He is truly invested in his clients on a personal level.  Mark isn’t focused on short term gains.  His philosophy is to establish a sustainable lifestyle that can be maintained for the long term.  In the last four months, I’ve learned what foods to eat, when to eat them and how to even incorporate a proper cheat meal without derailing myself.  I’m leaner and in the best cardiovascular shape of my life.  Along the way, I’ve enjoyed Mark’s guidance and friendship.  He truly made this an experience I look forward to rather than something I had to do.

Busy with business and family, 60lbs down (so far) with better health than ever

Working with Mark has been fantastic, with all of my initial goals having been exceeded far more quickly than I had ever dreamt of. New goals have been set and beaten on a regular basis. The combination of structured work-outs, my-zone monitoring, motivation, and diet advice has resulted in a drop of almost 60 pounds and over 30 inches in five months. I would highly recommend him. Apart from this, he is also a thoroughly nice guy and we have had a lot of fun along the way.

 Semi driver struggled with continued joint pain

Working with Mark has been a great experience. He worked directly with me to create a workout plan that was within my abilities and was quick to adjust that plan to cater to a pesky, lingering elbow issue. Daily check-ins from Mark were a great way to stay motivated, as well as, be held accountable. Thanks again Mark!!" 

Shilo P.

Massage therapist needs to be strong

 Working with Mark was more helpful than I can put into words. Having someone take the time to really care about you, your goals, your health, and your success is exactly what I needed. He put together quality workouts specifically for me and adjusted them to my needs when I was ready for something new or if something wasn't working for my body. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Mark. He went above and beyond what I expected and was a great accountability buddy. Thank you Mark!"

Sarah S.

angelina thumbrtack.jpg

Nanny (had major back surgery) has to bend and lift kids

"After having major back surgery two years ago, I didn’t think I would ever regain the strength and overall level of fitness I had before having my vertebrae fused. Mark worked intensely to create progressively more challenging workouts that initially modified movements that allowed me to build strength and flexibility, and then built on that strength to do things I never thought possible. He never let me give up, and was always there to help me push through. He taught me to look at food as the fuel my body needed to heal and grow, and with that knowledge I have changed my relationship with food for life. With his coaching and continual support, Mark helped me find the motivation I needed to get stronger, leaner, and HEALTHIER than I have ever been in my life- at forty years old! Thank you Mark, you are the best!"

Angelina P.

A triathlete and runner looking to reach the next level of performance in his sports

Mark is always positive and helpful and willing to give advice on any aspect of fitness. I found him to be particularly helpful when I needed specialized attention with regards to heart rate training.

David P. 

Mature clients in their 70's needing strength and improved range of motion to enjoy retirement

Mark is so helpful, attentive and enthusiastic about our modest goals, he ensures we exercise correctly and at all times has our needs well addressed, we have certainly benefitted from his encouragement.

Bill & Jeanne M. 

Preparing to cross country ski in canada during winter

His ability to produce a challenging and enjoyable workout for my very specific goals ensured that I achieved the results I was looking for.

Steve M. 

Overweight mother dealing with intimidation of the gym environment

Mark designed a new program for me and his enthusiasm and understanding was excellent, he has given me the encouragement I needed. He has made me feel very relaxed and comfortable as nothing seems to be too much trouble, his time and effort is really appreciated.

Alyson A.

Struggling with energy levels suffering from ME (a condition of chronic fatigue) and wanting to 'get back in shape' after having a baby.

Mark researched my condition and came back to me with some good dietary and exercise advice, he has been very supportive and encouraging as returning to fitness has been very stressful after such a debilitating illness, he has a positive attitude and nothing is too much trouble.

Louise H.

Mature lady looking to reduce body-fat and 'feel more trim'.

Mark is always encouraging, personable and extremely professional.

Helen C.