How Nik Wallenda's Skyskraper Tight Rope Walk Can Impact Your Health

Make Impressive Goals

If Nik Wallenda’s tight rope walk was between two trees in a park just 10 feet apart and only 6 inches off the ground nobody would be impressed (I’d be impressed if I could do it, but that’s another story). As much as that small task might have been a good training exercise in his early days, it wouldn’t attract anything like the worldwide media attention that his historic and record breaking feat in Chicago did.

I’m not suggesting that you go to the extreme of reaching for global attention by attacking your goals over 600 feet above your city. After all, goals need to be achievable otherwise you’ll find yourself getting frustrated in a relentless struggle. Think your goals through carefully, use your past experiences and get expert input to assess what’s possible and always remember, impressive goals with strong efforts lead to greater support from those around you, all culminating in more impressive results. 

Galvanize Your Beliefs

Nik is clearly a man with strong faith and belief, and sure, a part of that comes from religion and is something that he feels is an important element in his success. Many others also find this kind of faith helps them to deal with stressful situations and events, too. Faith comes in many forms, yes, there’s the faith in a higher power to look over and guide you, but there’s also:

  • The faith in your ability to achieve the challenge you’ve given yourself.
  • The faith you get from practice and repetition of tasks, which lead to success.
  • The faith your support system has in you, your abilities, your resolve and dedication.
  • The faith that you will, one day, realize your goal.

As the old saying goes… “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right”. Visualization is a remarkably effective tool in helping to galvanize your beliefs, so imagine yourself as you wish to be. If it’s good enough for athletes, it’s good enough for you. I’d be willing to bet Nik thought long and hard about each and every step on that wire, and about successfully completing the challenge.

Develop Support Mechanisms

We’re human and we falter from time to time, and that’s okay, but being prepared for those times means the chance of success increases exponentially. Nik had plans in place for if something went awry and had specialists on his team to increase his chance of success. While Niks team may have included specialists in rigging and safety procedures, meteorologists and medical personnel, for you, it could mean checking in with your healthcare professional from time to time to assess progress of health related details and acceptable plans to move forward, or perhaps connecting with a certified health coach like myself in order to develop strategies for dealing with challenges you may encounter.

In addition to specialist guidance, Nik has a very supporting and extremely strong family who were behind him all the way. In all the interviews on TV, they can be seen showering him with confidence and support and even his children were relaxed throughout this event, confident their father would complete his given challenge successfully. Share your journey with those closest to you and you’ll quickly find that when you waver in your belief (as we are prone to do from time to time), they will be there to help lift your spirits and get you back on track. Finally, don’t forget the extended support mechanisms you can develop. Nik has his church and of course the media personnel who were at the event wishing him success, but over 600 feet below him there were an estimated 65,000 people cheering him on and going wild on social media. Nik mentioned hearing them made a huge difference as he walked across that penny wide wire. You might struggle to enlist 65,000 followers but try using your church, community groups, friends, family and social media channels to get some cheerleaders on your side. Share your efforts along the way and you could be pleasantly surprised by who gives you a virtual pat on the back or a motivating speech along the way. You may even inspire someone else to get started on his or her own journey.

Half Measures Don’t Work

When Nik left the edge of the building there’s not a chance he ever considered just going half way to see how things went. Instead, he was firmly set on reaching the other side and not once did he waver in his commitment to succeed. He’d set a goal (some would say a crazy one), challenged himself to be the greatest there could be at that task and did everything possible to prepare for success. He was quoted as saying you have to “train 5 times harder”, and that kind of attitude to scaling your goals is what makes impressive results possible.

For you, this all means working each and every day, each and every meal, and each and every workout towards your goal. Whether you want to step on stage at a bodybuilding show, run a marathon, lose 50lbs, or get off your medications, you’ll need to be resolute and establish clear guidelines for how you are willing to live in order to succeed. You can’t step on stage with any chance of success at a bodybuilding show if you eat perfectly but train at 50%, and you can’t expect to lose that 50lbs if you train like you’re possessed by demons but skip breakfast and then eat fast food the rest of the day.

You don’t need to give up fun or great tasting food, and sure you may need some help in adapting or changing your lifestyle to help you get there, but success requires effort. Ask yourself, what will I commit to doing today to move forward in this challenge?

Well-done Nik! Here’s hoping your achievement at over 600 feet above Chicago can inspire someone to succeed in their goals and THRIVE in great health.