Don't Buy A Treadmill

Even a basic home use treadmill should cost a minimum of $1500, don't get an expensive coat rack, save yourself some green and pick up these options for less than half that cost.
Everything fits in a closet, can be used by everyone in the family, in hundreds of different ways, and you can even put together a group workout with friends
in your own home.


The Budget Kit - $95+

A ball, a couple of super bands and a foam roller serves as a great starting point when buying home fitness gear, with a little know how this set-up can give anyone a challenging full body workout.
Bonus, the bands are great for travel workouts.


The Starter Plus - $150+

A step or 'plyo' box, fitness sandbag, a suspension system and a pair of fitness sliders is the perfect next step. Adding these tools to your home gym dramatically increases the variety of work you can do, and, it's this variety which is key to continuing to see results as well as staying motivated to keep working toward your goals.


The Performance Add On - $300+

Your grandmas colorful hand weights won't cut it for very long, especially if you're looking to see greater results. Even small framed mature women can use weights of 50lbs or even more. Resistance should be progressively challenging or your results will plateau. High quality adjustable weights which continue to challenge you as you close the gap between your goals and where you are now will be a priceless investment you'll be glad you made.


If You Get Nothing Else, Get This!

Whether it's to burn fat, boost energy or reduce stress,
effort is the number one metric to track as this is what moves the needle.
MYZONE is a heart rate tracking system which enables you to maximize the efficiency of your efforts, and prove them! With live stream on your phone, a workout tracking calendar, food and exercise image log and social sharing buttons to name just a few of the features that will help you build a positive relationship with exercise like never before.

What get’s measured,
sees improvement
— Karl Pearson

If you're looking to buy any of the products featured on this page simply click through from the images and you'll find yourself directed to a couple of my preferred vendors for these products. These are vendors who I buy from and so feel confident in recommended you do also. They only sell high quality equipment and you can be assured that these products will not fail under your weight, snap or break like some imitators may do.

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