4 Tips For A Healthier 4th

Happy Independence Day

Before you go crazy for hot dogs, burgers and beers check out these 4 pointers to get through this most American of Holidays feeling fit and healthy and oh so good about your free self.

Get out & move - This can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood, a ride on the lakefront, or playing in the park with the kids. The key is to try and work up a little sweat. This will ramp up your metabolism & help offset some of the food & drink later in the day.

Veg’ It Up - Most cookouts will include veggie platters or salads of some kind, so dig in to your veggies before loading up on grilled meats. The extra fiber will help your digestive system move things along smoothly. You’ll feel fuller for longer & crave less of the heavy stuff.

Drink plenty of water – Being well hydrated also improves digestion & helps keep you fuller & therefore less likely to overindulge on the other stuff. You’ve heard the advice of 6-8 glasses a day, I find a good guide is to aim for a glass an hour. In addition, try drinking a large glass first thing in the morning, it’ll kick start your system & you’ll feel better all day.

Take 4 on the 4th - Find a small window of 4 min’s (longer would be better) to just sit quietly, close your eyes & let your mind empty, & breathe slow & deep from your belly. In todays fast paced world we seldom take time out for ourselves, you’ll find a feeling of relaxation come over you as your heart rate and blood pressure both chill out

Enjoy A Happy & Healthy 4th of July.